1drugstore-online.com Review – An Online Pharmacy That is Too Good to Be True

1drugstore-online.com is an online pharmacy that operated with the aim of helping people get the best medicine for their health needs at the lowest price possible. This online pharmacy is no longer active. On their homepage, they also provided their new website which is 1drug.com but this website is no longer active as well.

This online pharmacy was established by John Wang (Pharm. D). Information on the sites start and close date cannot be found on their website as well as their location.

1drugstore-online.com takes pride in being able to provide service complete online pharmacy service with the help of their licensed group of physicians and pharmacists. This online drug store offered a free consultation, generic, and branded medicines. They also had a prescription and over the counter medicines.

When it comes to medicines they used to offer, 1drugstore-online.com indeed had a lot. They offered cancer medicines, antacid or heartburn drugs, blood pressure drugs, anxiety drugs, Parkinson disease medicines, antifungal drugs, ED drugs, pain relief drugs, weight loss drugs, vitamins, and eye care medicines.

For ED drugs, 1drugstore-online.com offered branded and generic Viagra, branded and generic Propecia, and branded and generic Cialis. Branded Viagra costs $87 (4 tablets, 100mg) and generic Viagra costs $77 (4 tablets, 100mg). A branded Cialis costs $104 (4 tablets, 20mg) and a generic Cialis costs $53 (8 tablets, 20mg). Their branded Propecia costs $73 per tablet.

According to the FAQ page of 1drugstore-online.com, the medicines they had were U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved. 1drugstore-online.com cited the importance of winning customers by providing genuine medicines and they assured their customers that they do not sell medicines from China.

1drugstore-online.com says that they have secure online ordering system and that they accept Visa for payment. They also accept AmEx and MasterCard. For customers who want to save 5% more on their purchase, they can pay through the Western Union and Money Gram. Before paying, customers should email 1drugstore-online.com at [email protected], give their order and wait for the amount they need to settle through the Western Union and Money Gram.

Upon completion of an order, customers will be provided with the shipping methods to use for their order. Customers who were in the US were charged a surcharge fee of $10 if their order were less than $40. There were some states in the US where additional $5 charge apply for some reasons. Shipping in the US depends on state destination. For European countries, the shipping fee was $27 while other countries were charged $30. If a customer’s location was outside of the US and Europe, there will be an additional $10 for orders worth less than $30. Orders were shipped from the US and Europe. According to 1drugstore-online.com, the products they sold were from distributors who offer the lowest price.

Concerns regarding orders can be sent to 1drugstore-online.com through fax at (720) 528-8080. They also have two email addresses where customers can send their concerns, questions, and inquiries: [email protected] and [email protected]

In a case of a refund and cancellation, orders can be canceled within 24 hours with no cancellation fee. If the order was canceled after 24 hours, a 10% late cancellation fee applies. If the cancellation of an order was due to order’s unavailability, the customer won’t be charged. Refunds were possible for customers who were charged twice on their credit card, and if the credit card was already charged yet the medicine was not available, if the order was submitted but the pharmacy failed to process it within 24 hours and if the order didn’t arrive on time.

1drugstore-online.com Reviews

Before visiting an online pharmacy, I look and read reviews first. I consider customer reviews as recommendations of those customers who experienced it. If an online store has negative reviews, potential customers will definitely hesitate to do business with them. As for 1drugstore-online.com, here were some of the customer reviews they had so far.

image3 7

Gloria Shepherd wrote how thankful she was with the service she received from 1drugstore-online.com.  Based on her experience, it seems like her package was at the post office for some time already and 1drugstore-online.com was able to locate it for her. She was then informed that it was at her post office where she picked it up. Gloria seemed very pleased with the way her issue was handled and how it was resolved.

K. Donovan also appreciated the great customer service that she experienced with 1drugstore-online.com. K said that signing for the order was a good thing. K added that this online pharmacy was worth recommending to his friends and family.

Lee M was another customer of 1drugstore-online.com who was so happy with the service that 1drugstore-online.com provided. With Lyme disease to take care with, Lee was happy that ordering from 1drugstore-online.com was very easy and it was cheaper as compared to local stores. Lee was also glad that 1drugstore-online.com made getting antibiotic easier.

The customer reviews that 1drugstore-online.com were all positive, highlighting their great customer service. It was good to know that an online pharmacy had such great service but then these testimonials can be just found at 1drugstore-online.com. There is a possibility that these reviews were written by the owner of the site or they paid people to write it. These positive reviews could be a way for the site to goad people into buying from their site.

1drugstore-online.com Reviews 2016

To further check the reliability of 1drugstore-online.com, I checked their status at scamadviser.com.

image2 8

A quick analysis from scamadviser.com revealed that 1drugstore-online.com was not a safe online pharmacy to use. Scamadviser.com added that this site could be in Thailand but was operating using a US server.

1drugstore-online.com Coupon Codes

Customers of 1drugstore-online.com were able to enjoy a few discounts here and there. One discount, in particular, is the following.

image1 8

For customers with more than $30 order, they were able to get free shipping. Some states were not eligible for this promotion though.


1drugstore-online.com was an online pharmacy who changed its domain name to 1drug.com. Both domains are no longer active though. Since this online pharmacy is no longer working, not much information is available about it.

According to their website, this online pharmacy offers affordable and FDA approved medicines. They also ship worldwide and they have different methods of payment. As for their customers’ reviews, they seem like a reliable company with excellent customer service.

Despite all the good things about this online drugstore, why would it change its domain name? Why would it close down after changing its domain name? Why are their reviews all positive and talks about good things only? Personally, there are a lot of shady things about this online pharmacy and with the analysis of scamadviser.com, I rate this online store with 1 out of 5 stars.