247medication.com Review – Online Pharmacy with a History of Incompetence

247medication.com used to be an internet drugstore in the retail of generic and branded; prescription and non-prescriptions pharmaceuticals alike. The British-based e-store started its operations in 2010 and used to take pride in delivering quality products and service as their number one policy was to value their customers. Additionally, 247 Medication used to promote its availability around the clock. Its main assortment was constituted of antibiotics, weight loss recipes, reproductive health treatments, antidepressants and a few others. After it had gone mute to the internet in May 2017 it left behind; 10mg of Loratadine latrium in a pack of 40 pills at $ 100, 25 mg Zolpidem Stilnox in a set of 40 tablets went for $ $95 and 0.5mg Xanax alprazolam in a pile of 60 pills used to cost $ 90.Others that made up the list were Imovan, Tramadol, Regenon and Codina it is impossible to tell if these drugs were FDA approved as that information was not indicated on its website. Buyers were provided with the official postal address and email to contact the e-shop for clarification and placing of orders.

As for the acceptable means of payment, 247medication.com used to be as flexible as possible to all its customers due to its preference in online credit cards and direct bank transfers. Consumers around the globe used to benefit from International registered airmail at the cost of $25 with an estimate of ten days for European Union countries and ten to twenty days for the rest. In addition to that, those around Europe had an advantage of using express mail service that used to take 3-5 days at a service charge of $ 40; meanwhile, all orders that amounted to $250 and above were granted free shipping. The refund policy was in place for clients who were recipients of incomplete or expired products after filing a claim and taking a beautiful picture of the package. I noted a list of countries which were not affected by the closure of this warehouse these were Canada, China, Saudi Arabia, Russia and a few others as they never got a taste of its services.

247medication.com Reviews

Customer remarks are my truth meter as they help me to gauge the quality of the products and services offered by a vendor. I was lucky to find some reviews from the site where Sabino from Italy appreciated the store for the professionalism she got to experience during her transaction.  Tamara was another client who posted a comment from the USA which applauded the efficient services and quality products that used to be offered by the site.


Maja from Slovenia published a remark that stated about the ‘excellent’ customer service used to be provided by the e-shop. Annie from the United Kingdom admitted having been in a position to recommend the store as she had experienced ‘great service’ that it used to offer.

Apart from noting that I had spotted the same remarks from various sites my suspicion was stirred by the lack of a negative one as it has always been inapplicable to be everyone’s cup of tea. I find the act of a seller possessing false reviews to be insulting to clients and should be avoided at all cost. That led me to the scam consultants to understand this crafty retailer in finer details.  

247medication.com Reviews 2016

The Scamadviser.com reveals that the site used to be rarely visited resulting to its low popularity despite having a domain age of more than six years. The United States based store was declared unsafe with a trust rate of 35 out of 100 percent. Its unfavorable rating was to act as a warning to buyers as they were advised to avoid buying from it by the scam adviser.


Having realized that the store had provided misleading information regarding its physical location I opt to reveal more using the scamner.com.


247medication.com was said to be located in China with most of its traffic in the USA. Scamner.com granted it a 0 out of 100 trust rate more, so customers were discouraged from transacting from it. Indeed this site used to be controversial making it not to be as popular as I had expected.  

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The virtual store offered free express mail service delivery to clients around the European Union as well as free shipping to customers in other parts of the world so long as they bought orders summing up to $250.


The offer used to enable clients to about $25-$40 on the service. Loyalty points used to be provided per different specifications of drugs bought ranging from a minimum of 5points to a maximum of 8 points we are aware of how these points tend to be useful in the reduction of medical expenses.


The pharmacy of 247medication.com was a well-spelt scam as it used to relay false information to its buyers on its website. One example is a biased statement regarding its followers who were said to be happy and free in complaining the store only to realize that the reviews were replicated from other sites. The entire controversy over its physical location is another loophole to be discovered. How about its poor performance from the scam analyzers; where the scamner.com granted it a (0 out of 100) % trust rate while Scamadviser.com awarded it a 35% safe rate out of 100%. Moreover, it decided to disappear into thin air after pocketing enough cash on the expense of its customers that way nothing is more suitable to me than to award 247medication.com 1 star out of 5.