A Natural Panic Attacks Treatment Option

Im pretty open-minded when it comes to panic attacks treatment. Im not one of those people that pound the table against prescription drugs. On the flip side Im also a proponent for meditation and hypnosis for panic attacks. In fact, Im a believer that prescription drugs is a good way to kick-start treatment, but long term treatment is achieved at a deeper level in the mind.

Hypnosis for panic attacks does NOT require that you visit a hypnotherapist, although you can. Be sure when looking for a hypnotherapist that you inquire about their experience in treating panic attacks with hypnosis.

The downside to going to a hypnotherapist is the cost. Youll pay $30 to more than a $100 for a single session. More than one session may be needed.

An alternative to visiting a hypnotherapist is buying an audio hypnosis for panic attacks which will set you back much less than visiting a hypnotherapist.

This hypnosis for panic attacks is about 24 minutes long and is quite good. In fact, Ive purchased many hypnosis audio files from them because I like doing them.

Hypnosis vs. Meditation

Ive been a long-time meditator and still do it regularly. However, I added listing to hypnosis audios to my regimen because its a more direct form of meditation. In fact, although appearing to be similar to meditation, its a little different in that you are directed through a thought process geared toward treating your panic attacks.

How long does hypnosis for panic attacks treatment take?

It depends on several factors such as the severity of your panic attacks, how consistent you are using the hypnosis for panic attacks audio, and whether you supplement your panic attacks treatment with other treatment modes (such as self-help methods and/or prescription medication).

Is hypnosis guaranteed to work?

No. Like all treatment modalities for conditions and ailments (physical and psychological), there is, in my view, no guarantee. Each of us is different.

That said, there are degrees of success when treating panic attacks such as a fully cured, diminished severity, and/or reduction in frequency.

As far as Im concerned, if you achieve any of those degrees of treatment, youve succeeded to some degree in panic attacks treatment.

Can hypnosis for panic attacks be used in conjunction with other panic attacks treatment?

Absolutely, and often its an excellent approach.

For example, this treatment method relies on changing the underlying mindset that triggers panic attacks. However, its likely that getting a hypnosis audio for treating panic attacks or to aid mind-focus can work together to result in improved chance of treatment and a higher degree of treatment. Additionally, you can also use natural supplements to aid concentration for your hypnosis.

If youre on the prescription drug merry-go-round for treating your panic attacks, perhaps consider alternative methods including hypnosis for panic attacks.