Bronchial Asthma Causes Symptoms and Treatments

Asthma is a disease that is considered to be highly fatal if left untreated. Bronchial asthma is a type of asthma condition that will lead to mucus production that is excessive in nature. This high level of mucus will lead to certain ailments and breathing problems that will practically disable a person when it comes to proper breathing. This is a reaction of the human body to some allergens that will lead to the release of the person’s immune system of histamines. Allergens that will cause these reactions can be in the form of internal and external substances. Most of the time, other people will treat these components as ordinary materials. However, for those that have been diagnosed with bronchial asthma, he or she will most likely treat it as elements that will harm the body. Hence, it will lead to the release of the histamines to combat these substances. When the airways will become filled with mucus, it will result to this wheezing sound that is somewhat worrying to hear. This means that there is only that small passageway where air can pass through.

Bronchial asthma is a condition that is caused by the airway constriction where passes through. The bronchioles, which are the tubes where oxygen is transmitted, will become clogged up because of the swelling. When air is not properly distributed to the lungs, this will lead to a show of breathlessness or difficulty in breathing.

The reasons for the bronchial asthma attack will vary from one person to another. Generally, this is the spasm of the bronchial airways that is caused by the serious allergic reactions. There are some cases wherein the person will encounter the reactions because of certain seasonal changes. The mast cells of the body, specifically the eosinophils, the T lymphocytes and the histamines, will create a reaction in the human system that will cause the allergic reactions to happen. Histamines are considered as the most abundant cells that will lead to severe reactions that will cause the blockage of the airways and passageways. Consequently, when all these cells will react and amalgamate, they will lead to the blockages in the airways that will make the transmission of air harder. Hence, this will lead to that full fledged asthma attack that can be potentially dangerous.

The asthma attack can be caused by several factors and reasons. There have been studies that small cough and colds can lead to severe attacks of bronchial asthma. Studies have shown that exercising can help a great deal in controlling the episodes of bronchial asthma. However, it is also understood that a person must do these exercises in gradual scenarios as excess can also harm the person. Locations that are near chemical plants or factories can also lead to a severe attack. Air pollution is, of course, a major cause of concern for these individuals. Hypersensitivity to these elements is often what leads to the attacks.

There are also cases where the person will have to limit his use of perfumes or other strong chemicals will also acts as the triggers that will lead to the episodes of asthma. In addition to this, certain medications and drugs might also lead to the person to experience these attacks. Cities that also have sudden weather changes to cold temperatures will also be a factor that will cause the episodes. Hence, if you have the choice to change living areas and cities, then choose one where these changes are not that drastic. Furthermore, medical research has also shown that people with severe stress and emotional outbursts can also have the sudden bronchial asthma attacks. Actions that will create tears will also create mucus that will stimulate the body to react adversely. As much as possible, there should be dehumidifiers in the room where the asthmatic person sleeps.

Bronchial asthma is a chronic condition that is incurable. These factors stated above can lead to the occurrence of the asthma in the person. However, you need to understand that there are still some ways to control and prevent these episodes from happening severely. If you have the knowledge, you can take the necessary precautions to ensure that you stay safe and healthy. Modern methods such as acupuncture, yoga and even a healthy diet can really help you control the episodes. If not modern medicines might do the trick for you.