Review – Closed Virtual Pharmacy with Shreds of Information Left for its Clients used to be an e-pharmacy in the business of selling generic and branded pharmaceutical products. Additionally, it used to have a display of herbal medicines such as Green Tea, Hoodia, Bestina, Tulsi sleep Cystone and a few others. These medications would cure a long list of illnesses with a mention of; anxiety disorders, arthritis, depression, skin disorders, allergies, impotence and so on. Its main assortment was infertility remedies for both male and female thus parading as its best sellers. Its customers enjoyed lower prices which were said to be 75% lower compared to the ones found in the fraternity. These were well demonstrated using the amounts of a pill of Generic  Viagra at a price of $0.61 while its branded counterpart went for a price which was slightly higher at $ 2.66 per pill Meanwhile a tablet of generic Cialis would go for $ 1.25 while it branded counterpart was somewhat expensive with$ 3.66 per tablet. Others which were housed under the most selling drugs were Dapoxetine, Levitra, Tadpox, MalegraFXT and super avana with the inclusion of a few others. Customers to used to be at liberty to buy their preferred medication without the need for a prescription. I would have liked to document on the various tools of communication the site had offered its clients with whether it was a toll-free or a regular telephone number, an email contact form or the quick live chat; Unfortunately, that data was not provided by the remains of its website available in the web archives.

As for the shipping options, some stores prefer the standard airmail alongside the express courier service or in addition to an insured courier service; would have been in preference of all or both. It would have depended on the demographical and geographical composition of its clients as for those in distant places from where it was located and in need of a cheaper service would be served using the airmail while those within its region in need of a shorter and traceable shipping service would go for the courier services. In addition to that, the insurance mail service attracted a free reshipment to clients who received folded, broken, expired or wrong packages altogether. A good number of the e-stores were in acceptance of credit cards such as Visa, Master card and visa electron. While in the verification of visa debit card and direct bank transfers among the common means of payment, Buy-low-drugs topping my agenda was not in a position to disclose that information using the little details left in the archives. Reviews

No amount of public relation statements posted on a vendor’s website can replace the pure strength of the user commentaries. We are all in agreement that it takes one thing to promise while it needs some extra effort in place to deliver. Besides who is in a better position to talk about the effectiveness of the products sold and the nature of the services offered if not the consumer?

That is the main logic behind relating the credibility of the seller with the type of reviews one attracts both on their sites and other user review sites. Especially with the widespread increase of scam pharmacies, it is not advisable to shop blindly. did not have any visible reviews despite having an erased testimonials page. Reviews 2016

I resulted at the mercies of the scam analyzing engines to find some information regarding the history of the site under investigation. My first attempt was to use the which is informative in differentiating the law abiding pharmacists from the law-breaking ones, unlike others pharmacy reviewing sites. There are some who fall short of the two parallels and happen to fall under the unclassified due to their green element in the business. Here, I was informed that was not on the records; therefore, there were no details about it. The and the did not have any helpful information either. It was at that point when I terminated my search. Coupon Codes

Other than a statement that had been enticing potential clients to transact with it to save up to 75%; there were no clear channels regarding the practicality of this declaration from its website. The e-shop lacked promotional offers, discounts on subsequent orders, provision of additional pills as well as coupon codes.  It must have been magical if BuyLowDrugs enabled its buyers to make 75% saves without making use of the named channels.

Conclusion other than it used to sell branded and generic narcotics minus prescriptions with the inclusion of herbal remedies the rest remains to be a well-kept secret from the eyes of the public. The reason behind its closure with very faint details left behind tends to be a mathematical problem without a solution. With your permission, I grant the virtual store of BuyLowDrugs a 1-star rating out of a handful as I lay my pen to rest.