Review – Unapproved Internet Pharmacy Listed as “Threat” Website was an online pharmacy that started operation in 1999 and closed down in 2016. Although their location was not indicated on their website, I assume that this online store operated in Canada. used to offer 24/7 service to all of their customers. They promised safe medicine as all of their medicines were approved by CIPA or Canadian International Pharmacy Association. This online drug dispensary offered prescription and over the counter drugs and customers can order via phone or through their website.

Among the medicines that offer was Viagra, Lipitor, Cymbaltha, Ventolin, Propecia, Effexor, Crestor, and birth control pills. For their ED drug, the only available so far is Viagra at 25mg, 50mg, and 200mg. The price for Viagra medicine is not available from the web archive information I gathered. No third-party review had this information as well.

Not all drugs sold on were FDA approved according to their FAQ section. However, this online drug store took pride with the fact that they are dispensing medicines that passed the standards of CIPA or Canadian International Pharmacy Association. For customers who are ordering prescription medicine, this store requires a prescription before processing their orders.

For customers, they were able to pay their orders through International Money Orders, Personal Checks, and Certified Checks. In addition, payment with a credit card such as American Express is accepted as well as E-checks. Just like your personal information, credit card information was also protected and secure by this site in accordance with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). They will not just protect your card information, this is also an assurance that your information will not be traded or sold to other websites or group.

For their shipping method, orders were delivered in North America for a charge $9.95 via Canada Post. For customers in the US, orders were shipped through the United States Postal Service. Price depends on the destination of the order. Delivery time takes 2 to 4 weeks and this was also dependent on the destination of the order. Medicines that were shipped by were drugs manufactured from the US, Canada, Mauritius, Turkey, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Singapore, and India. is no longer up and running as an online pharmacy hence contacting their support is no longer possible. For their old customers, ways to contact them was through their toll-free phone at 1-866-732-0305 and toll-free fax at 1-866-732-0306. They also had an international phone number which was 1-604-598-4690 and international fax which was 1-604-598-4677. Customers were able to send them an email to at [email protected]. In addition to these options, also had a ‘contact us” form on their main page. Their phone lines were open from 6am-8pm PST, Monday to Fridays and 7am-5pm PST on weekends.

This online pharmacy doesn’t accept the return of dispensed medicines. As far as lost or missing orders are concerned, policies about these were not provided on the website. Reviews

Customer reviews can be helpful or can be damaging to the business depending on how they were written. Some customer reviews are short yet believable enough that it can make a person decide whether to push through with their orders or not. There are reviews that were too long yet it looks so fake and unreal. Unfortunately for, they don’t have any customer review for us to check on.

With no customer review or feedback, I will go ahead and check the status of this pharmacy from scam analyzing sites like and Reviews 2017

Since reviews are unavailable we are going to resort to, an approved monitoring service that is accepted by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP). A quick analysis of with Canadawaydrugs revealed the following information.

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Acceding to, was an “unapproved internet pharmacy website”. This means that the website had been operating despite being unable to pass the verification process conducted by

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Furthermore, a check with revealed that this site was listed as a “threat”. The location of the site was not available because the owner had been using servers to hide its location. Coupon Codes

As a coupon lover, I always search for coupons and promotions when visiting an online store. As for, one promotion they had was a referral bonus.

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Referral bonus or “tell a friend” bonus was a way for to win as much customer as possible. With this $25 off their orders.  If you can refer up to 10 of your friends, then it means more $25 off your order!

Conclusion was an online pharmacy that existed for more than 10 years. Information whether this is the first time that this online dispensary closed down is not available. One of the things that I found interesting about this site was the fact that their medicines were CIPA or Canadian International Pharmacy Association approved. It was also a relief to find so many options in contacting them such as phone numbers, fax, through emails and their contact us form.

With limited data due to the fact that his online dispensary had been closed, the price of medicine they offered was not available. This online drug store doesn’t have any customer review as well. The review of this online store from and was also not good especially with showing this was an unapproved internet pharmacy website. Since I am buying drugs that I will be using, I don’t think it is worth the risk to take a medicine from an unapproved online dispensary. For these reasons, I am giving this website a rating of 1 out of 5 stars.