Review – A Very Poorly Executed Scam was an online pharmacy. Their About Us page was blank so I could not know their location or when they were established. On the Best Sellers’ Section, I gathered that Canadian-Overnight allowed you to order without prescription, guaranteed low prices and high quality yet fast delivery.

Canadian-Overnight Best Sellers would come from the categories of Erectile Dysfunction, Antibiotics, Hair loss and Anti-Inflammatory drugs. Viagra (Generic) was sold for $0.27 per pill, Cialis $0.68 per pill, Brand Viagra $2.56 per pill, Levitra was $1.00 per pill, Kamagra $0.90 and Branded Cialis $3.72 per pill. There was no information on whether or not they were FDA approved. They did sell branded drugs so there is a possibility that they were FDA approved.

Whilst CanadianOvernight did not list what payment methods were accepted; we would assume that they at least accepted some sort of credit card; they offered currency conversions to the United States Dollar, European Dollar, Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar and the Great Britain Pound. Shipping methods were undetermined because there was a blank Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) page.

Neither online chat nor telephone numbers could be found. I could say that at least Canadian-Overnight had a “Contact Us Form” that could have been found and filled out. There was also no email address listed. Their policies page too was unsurprisingly blank. Reviews

As highlighted before, blank pages became a trend for Canadian Overnight store. Their testimonials page was blank. I could understand why a little; maybe it was because there was no log-in page for customers or even a cursor on the page so a guest could type in a review. But I suspect that it was sheer laziness on the part of the content specialist as sellers often try to make themselves look good on their own websites.

Testimonials also could not be found on the internet. How can one trust a seller whose reputation is unknown and credibility was seemingly untested? Persons shopping on the internet take every opportunity to praise good service to anyone with the time to read or even take the time to write paragraphs criticizing any seller who did not live up to their expectations or delivered as promised. So it was very weird for me that they had no reviews. Maybe Canadian-Overnight never got enough sales. That would, of course, help to explain to a lot of persons why their domain was no longer on the internet. Business probably was not as profitable as they expected. Not surprising though since they had a lot of “blank” pages. Reviews 2016

Below is a scam check for Canadian-Overnight performed by scam adviser.

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We already formed our perceptions about a pharmacy that has no reputation or credibility online so I didn’t feel it necessary to use more than one analytical tool. Scam Adviser did not do much to relieve us of our anxieties as they gave them a low trust rating and informed that was unsafe to use.

Interestingly enough they were unable to tell us where was based or from.  It appeared to me as though they kept their information guarded heavily under lock and key. That could be a reason why they got a low trust rating as scam adviser was unable to locate where they were set up. This was good as it provided food for thought and ideas for discussion. Coupon Codes

As with everything else, I did not expect a coupon code or a promotion of any sort. Canadian-Overnight was obviously lazy and was not trying to attract customers. I felt as though the website was a cover for some other elicits operation. No wonder they had no reviews. I believe it was almost near impossible to attract customers without discounts.

The customers have a lot of power because they are advanced user especially of the internet and can use their abilities to search for deals and the best prices. It does not matter how much money you have. You are going to want to get the best value for money paid and trust the seller to give it to you. Imagine not even free shipping was offered to entice the customers


I wished that I could have given Canadian-Overnight no rating but it was not possible so I gave them a 1-star rating. There were too many discrepancies and areas of unknown information. There was the blank About Us page. That was their first red flag. I would always want to know who I was buying from. The second flag was their blank FAQs page. I had a lot of questions but Canadian-Overnight had no answers. There was obviously no one I could voice my concerns to as there was no phone number or email address. A lot of companies may not have email addresses because they cannot respond to all emails and they cannot afford to hire someone to do so. I got that part but I at least thought that a telephone number and postal address were basic requirements for any trading company. Nonetheless, the lack of reviews and lack of discounts were also flagged.

Not all scams are well thought out and not all people know how to look for them. My advice to you is to bring out the magnifying glass and conduct your own investigations.