Ringing In Ears After A Live Concert? People that enjoy going out to see their favorite band or artist perform live, can sometimes encounter a sudden ringing in their ears as soon as the live concert is through. Similar ear ringing problems can also be a problem after listening to loud music in clubs. Common Symptoms The ringing noise will vary from person to person, but can sound like a high pitched whistle or a constant whining sound. Some people have also witnessed hearing “white noise” which is comparable to the sound of static when the volume level from the music is extremely deafening orRead More →

Im pretty open-minded when it comes to panic attacks treatment. Im not one of those people that pound the table against prescription drugs. On the flip side Im also a proponent for meditation and hypnosis for panic attacks. In fact, Im a believer that prescription drugs is a good way to kick-start treatment, but long term treatment is achieved at a deeper level in the mind. Hypnosis for panic attacks does NOT require that you visit a hypnotherapist, although you can. Be sure when looking for a hypnotherapist that you inquire about their experience in treating panic attacks with hypnosis. The downside to going toRead More →

Amenorrhea is a manifestation of a hidden issue as opposed to a condition all by itself. Extra indications may be available relying upon the related condition. There are numerous manifestations which could point to having Amenorrhea. They include Galactorrhea (bosoms produce milk in a lady who is not pregnant or breastfeeding), migraine, or lessened fringe vision, which could be an indication of an intracranial tumor. Expanded hair development like a male (hirsutism) may be brought on by overabundance androgen (a hormone that empowers improvement of male sex attributes). Vaginal dryness, hot flashes, night sweats, or scattered rest, which may be an indication of ovarian inadequacyRead More →