Drug-buyer.com Review – Briefly Operated Web Pharmacy with High Prices

Drug-buyer.com may have its domain as such, but it actually has a different store name—it is actually PillMan Online Pharmacy. This shop operated rather briefly and due to this brevity of operation, there are not many records existing for this online pharmacy. I was glad to have come across some retrieved data from 2009 to 2010 from the Internet Archive Wayback Machine, but apart from these records, there are no others existing for Pill Man Online Pharmacy or Drug-buyer.com.

There was no news on the disappearance of Drug-buyer.com—it appeared that no one cared about the store’s presence enough to give it reviews and update consumers about the store. According to the data on Pillman Online Pharmacy’s retrieved files, it claimed to be a United States-licensed virtual pharmacy which allowed the consumers to order products without any prior prescription. Drug-buyer.com allowed the no-Rx purchase for its buyers because it also offered medical evaluations for the buyers interested in its products. Drug Buyer/Pillman Online Pharmacy has US-licensed doctors affiliated with it, who are able to issue prescriptions to patients who wanted to order but had no prescription.

Drug Buyer or Pillman Online Pharmacy offered FDA-approved medications which excluded meds such as Lorazepam, Valium, Diazepam, Klonopin, Clonazepam, and similar narcotics or controlled substances. As for the products available on Drug-buyer.com, the store had them lined up alphabetically. The store, though, also offered its products per medical condition they were significant to. Drug Buyer/Pillman catered to clients with needs for allergy medication, depression treatments, anxiety medications, arthritis relief, motion sickness relief, pain relief, skin care, sexual health medications, and other simple and chronic medical conditions. I did not find a search function on the archived data, though, which complicated the drug search by consumers by a tiny bit.

It appeared that Drug-buyer.com only sold brand-name products and meds with US FDA-approved generic versions. I failed to locate the generic versions for Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra (impotence treatments) which actually made sense because these drugs’ generic analogs were not yet permitted during the shop’s existence (and will not be permitted until 2020). The only erectile dysfunction treatment with an available price list was Viagra—I discovered that Drug Buyer/Pillman Online Pharmacy sold 3 tablets of Viagra 100 mg at $121.01, 5 tablets of the same product at $173.48, and 10 tablets at $300.47. These prices were steep, especially during 2009—this may be the reason why the shop was unpopular with clients at the time.

Although Drug-buyer.com had an FAQ section, it did not discuss its shipping charges, its acceptable credit card payment methods, and its policies for buyers with a non-arrival of package claim. Drug-buyer.com, though, stated that it only catered to consumers in the United States (but failed to ship to all states) and did not cater to international consumers. The store previously had a live chat support option and a contact page, but due to its present status, these contact methods are now useless.

Drug-buyer.com Reviews

The briefly run site did not have any consumer reviews whatsoever on the web. Drug Buyer did not have consumer mentions for its service and because it probably had very little sales from its consumers. It appears that Drug-buyer.com was unpopular with the clients during 2009 and 2010, and this was possibly due to the high store prices for its products.

It is unusual for good online drugstores to not have reviews, so Drug-buyer.com having no consumer reviews for its service seems to be an indication of its lack of credibility. Pleased buyers will find a way to air their reports, so if there were any satisfied clients in 2009 and 2010, we would have been able to find them on the web. Drug-buyer.com did not have testimonials and even forum website mentions for its service, so there is an increased possibility that the store was a scam site.

Drug-buyer.com Reviews 2017

Since Drug Buyer or Pillman Online Pharmacy existed only 2009 to 2010, the shop, naturally, had no records for it during this present year. I tried to search the database of a few known analysis websites to discover a few more details about Drug Buyer’s domain; unfortunately, even the most prolific analysis websites did not have records for Drug Buyer.

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Only Scam Adviser yielded some form of result for Drug-buyer.com; according to Scam Adviser, the domain Drug-buyer.com is not active. Scam Adviser, though, did not offer more details for the closed website.

The short existence of Drug-buyer.com may also be the reason for the lack of details for its domain on Scam Adviser, Legit Script, and Scamner. However, I was able to source data from one website, although not too extensive:

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According to this result, there was indeed an insufficient information concerning Drug Buyer from former consumers, as there were no reviews available for the store. Also, Rx Scammers identified that Drug-buyer.com may be an illegitimate site because of its non-compliance with the prescription drugs law.

Drug-buyer.com Coupon Codes

No coupon codes were available on Drug-buyer’s archived records. The shop, though, encouraged its consumers to participate with its affiliate program to earn $10 on every successful purchase or reorders from their future clients.


Drug-buyer.com is one of the online pharmacies with a brief internet life. Because of this short existence, the store failed to have substantial information for its service, even from prolific domain analysis websites. I am rating Drug-buyer.com only 1 out of 5 since it is now shut down, and I recommend looking for more reliable (and legally operating) websites to shop your meds from.