How To Stop Ringing In Ears After Concert

Ringing In Ears After A Live Concert?

People that enjoy going out to see their favorite band or artist perform live, can sometimes encounter a sudden ringing in their ears as soon as the live concert is through. Similar ear ringing problems can also be a problem after listening to loud music in clubs.

Common Symptoms

The ringing noise will vary from person to person, but can sound like a high pitched whistle or a constant whining sound. Some people have also witnessed hearing “white noise” which is comparable to the sound of static when the volume level from the music is extremely deafening or they are way too near to the concert loudspeakers. The ringing within the ears can sometimes carry on for a few days right after the concert is finished. For the majority it’s not neccessarily a serious affliction but, in some cases, ringing ears can be extremely troublesome.

The solution to precisely why your ears ring following your attendance at a live show is pretty straight forward; you might have damaged your ears listening to the noisy music and also the shouts from the crowd. Once exposed to deafening sounds, the hair cells inside the inner ear can become damaged and this is what causes the ringing sound. The hair cells produce nerve impulses that journey to the auditory region inside the brain when a sound is heard. Normally, those cells primarily fire whenever they’re aroused by a sound. The fact is that, whenever the cells have felt trauma, they fire on their own causing the ringing in the ear.

How Can We Prevent It?

Clearly, the simple (but fairly stupid!!) answer to this situation is not to attend concerts. However, we all need some excitement in life. Going to a few concerts each year is unlikely to permanently cause damage inside your ears. In all probability within a couple of days your ears will heal and the ringing will settle down. If you are worried or if you have had a previous problem with your hearing, there are some things that you can do to prevent potential ear damage.

Regular live concert goers often wear ear plugs as an additional from of ear protection. The ear plugs are small and unobtrusive so you should not stand out or feel self consious in the crowd. The plugs reduce the sound rather than elimiate it completely. If the music levels at the concert are very high, the ear plugs will assist in reducing the noise to an acceptable and still enjoyable level.

Several famous musicians, such as Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey from The Who, have suffered ear damage from many years of playing loud music at concerts and in the studio. Some musicians also protect themselves from prolonged exposure to high decibels by wearing ear plugs every time they play. All concert goers are best advised to not get too close to the sound systems. The closer to the speakers you are, the larger the sound resulting in potential more severe ear injury. If you suffer from ringing in your ears straight after a concert, there is not much you can immediatey do to get rid of ear ringing noises. You may have to put up with the ringing in the ear and hope that the irritating noise goes away.

Will This Be A Long Term Problem?

Normally the hair cells inside the inner ear will recover on their own but it can be possible for them to break off totally creating long lasting harm to your hearing. It is not typical for conert goers to suffer long-lasting ear damage from going to live shows. The good news is that ringing in the ear (tinnitus) typically requires extended exposure to loud noise to cause long term injury. If the condition does not clear up after a couple of days then you should make an appointment to get your ears checked out by a doctor.

For those of you that have concerns about attending a concert, as stated before, you need to be aware of the potential risks. A normal safe maximum noise exposure is 85 decibels, however concerts will often exceed this level, particularly if you are standing too close to the speakers. It is a good idea to take some ear plugs to the concert if you are concerned. If you cannot make out what a friend is saying when they are standing right next to you, then this is a good sign that the sound levels are probably too loud.

Many things in life can be a risk, and it is true that some people do suffer ear ringing from attending music concerts. For the vast majority, the good news is that it is rare to suffer long term ear damage.