Kamagra.se Review – Closed for Nearly a Decade—May Have Moved to a New Domain

Kamagra.se is an online pharmacy named after a famous generic product for impotence, Kamagra, which is from the company Ajanta Pharma in India. The store’s domain, Kamagra.se, indicates that the shop is hosted from Sweden, although the extension does not accurately depict if the store is indeed operating out of Sweden or it’s just a diversion. Today, though, the shop is now closed—if you visit the address Kamagra.se, you will only be greeted by an error message indicating that the store may have moved permanently to another web address.

The store, Kamagra SE, appears to have functioned from 2005 to 2010 (or at least it is what its records state). Kamagra.se was probably incepted earlier, but since there is no information on the store concerning the shop’s start of service, we are still clueless on the history of the store. Its location was also undisclosed, but based on its “.se” extension, we can say that the store was hosted in Sweden.

The shop’s records show that it has only the product Kamagra available on its store. As shown in the web archives, the store had a concise feel, although the store appeared seemingly empty than brief or concise with its contents. Kamagra.se marketed that it has the lowest prices for all its products and that it has a fast delivery for its items. Concerning the products available on the store, Kamagra SE only had Tadalis SX, Kamagra Jelly, Womenra, Kamagra, and Kamagra Soft Tab available. Kamagra.se sold its Kamagra 100 mg tablets for $27.44 for 4 tablets—which, frankly, is a bit expensive than the common price offers for the same generic Viagra product on other web pharmacies. You can purchase any product on Kamagra.se without being asked for a prescription.

According to Kamagra.se, it offered free shipping for its consumers—which kind of explained the higher prices on the shop for Kamagra than other online pharmacies. However, I was unable to confirm if the store indeed offered free shipping to its clients since I can’t do mock checkouts on the shop due to its offline status. Based on the archived information for Kamagra SE, consumers catered to by Kamagra.se (mostly patients with European addresses) can expect their orders from 3 to 14 days. There was no discussion for the refunds, though, or for replacements in case of order losses during transit.

As for the payments, the consumers were given by Kamagra.se options for VISA, VISA Electron, MasterCard, and Diners Club International payments.

Kamagra.se Reviews

I was unable to find buyer reviews for Kamagra.se on the web, but somehow, I was able to locate several “buyer” reviews from the shop’s own website. Here are some of the alleged consumer discussions for the service rendered by Kamagra SE to its clients:

image3 1

According to Lasse (posted 2016), he was able to order his Viagra meds anonymously on Kamagra SE, unlike at local chemist shops or ground drugstores. Lasse also related how he had a “normal” sex life after using the product from Kamagra.se.

Tobe posted in 2003 and he merely thanked the store for his Kamagra supply. According to him, the drug gave him a new life.

On the other hand, Jens, who posted in 2005, related how cheap the products on Kamagra.se were and also told the others how he halved his pills for more savings.

Since these reviews were only found on-site, they may not be entirely trusted. Even if the comments all had a positive theme for the store, there is a high chance that these comments were just marketing ploys of the Kamagra.se to make its consumers believe that it is capable of offering good service to its clients.

Kamagra.se Reviews 2016

The shop closed since 2010 or moved to another domain, so there were actually no consumer reports available for the shop later than 2010. I thought I could be able to find a record for Kamagra SE on trusted sources such as Scam Adviser and Legit Script—I actually did not.

image2 1

Instead of finding relevant information for Kamagra.se on Scam Adviser, the store did not have any details on the assessing platform instead of the “website not active” status. Unlike other online stores, I was unable to determine more details for the domain, as its records have not been present in the usual evaluation sites I am using for extensive research.

Kamagra.se Coupon Codes

Although no coupon codes were presented on Kamagra SE, the store offered free shipping for all of its items for all of its clients.

image1 1

Kamagra SE was one of the online drugstores offering unconditional free shipping for its clients—not all online drugstores were capable of waiving the shipping costs for their consumers. However, I noticed that the store’s prices for its products are a bit higher than the normal web pharmacy store prices for the products.


Kamagra SE is now a shop out of business—it has been closed for nearly a decade now. Google claims that the store may have permanently moved to a new address, but because no concrete details were available, I could not confirm nor deny the existence of a new website for Kamagra.se.

I like that the store offered free shipping for its items, but Kamagra.se actually offered higher prices for its products than the other online drugstores. Overall, because the Kamagra.se is now out of business, my verdict for the store is 1 out of 5.