Review – Rip-Off Website—Good thing it’s Now Closed! is another web pharmacy site shut down and now out of business. The shop did not belong to internet drugstores shut down by the government—instead of a domain seizure notice for, I was greeted by a blank page when I tried to access the store. There is no news of this store’s going away—no data on the web leads to the reason why the shop failed to sustain its operations.

The store Meds Order claimed that it was a US pharmacy, Canadian pharmacy, and an international pharmacy all rolled into one. Despite the store having its data saved on the web archive, it did not have an about section which could have largely helped in giving details for the store. What I found for, though, was its claim of having the lowest prices (Meds Order even assured the consumers using its “lowest price guarantee”), guaranteed shipping, a fully licensed operation, and several others. did not indicate if it allowed the consumers to order without prescriptions, and it did not even discuss the origin of the medications advertised on the store. declared that it offered only “original genuine products”, but offered no elaborations for this claim. As for the products, Meds Order offered meds for acid reflux, depression, viral infections, men and women’s health, and other common (and uncommon) pharmaceutical products. It is amusing how Meds Order was able to offer even controlled substances such as Valium and Xanax, products which not all doctors are allowed to prescribe. did not discuss any Rx policy for the meds, so the store most likely permitted the sale of meds despite the lack of prescriptions on the buyers’ end.

Bestsellers included meds such as Adderall, Oxycodone, Xanax, Percocet, Phentermine, Valium, and several others. also offered “US stock meds” which, according to, were meds from its US-based warehouse. This offer of US stock meds denotes that the other products on were shipped overseas and not from the United States.

Both brand and generic products were sold by Meds Order, and I found out that offered the main product and generic alternatives for impotence treatments. Meds Order offered Lilly brand Cialis 20 mg at $109 for 30 pills, Pfizer brand Viagra 100 mg at $209 for 30 pills, and generic brand Levitra 20 mg at $69 for 10 pills. The prices were too low for the brand-name medications—too low to be true, in fact. The prices offered by for its brand impotence products were nearly as much as the prices of reputable online pharmacies for their generic medications alone.

Due to the offline status of, I failed to discover the shipping rates on the shop and also the guarantees of the store for its consumers when it came to their purchases. However, had logos of VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, JCB, Diners Club, and E-check on its website, which indicates that accepted these modes of payment. Reviews did have external reviews from one third-party review provider; however, all of the testimonials posted on the shop were all complaints from fuming clients who were scammed by the store during its lifetime:

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According to Mike (posted December 2011), was a complete rip-off and took his money.

Kev (posted April 2012) said that he got something from the store—he got “sugar” instead of his actual orders which were worth $100.

Rob also complained about the store being a fraudulent company. He bought Oxy from the store and was sent fake products. was consistently poor when it came to its service. It did not fulfill consumer orders, but when it did, the shop sent fake pills or entirely different products to its consumers. Reviews 2016

The store evaded the government and its furious clients by shutting down its service earlier than 2016. However, despite the shop’s closed status, I was still able to gather details for the store using several external domain assessing platforms such as Legit Script and Scamner.

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Legit Script classified as a ROGUE internet pharmacy or a website which was found out engaging in fraudulent service, dispensing fake medications, or operating against the federal legislations. According to Legit Scrip, the website was created in 2008 and it was last updated in 2016.

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Scamner also gave a bad score—only 0 out of 100 and recommended buyers to stay out of the store’s way. was found out to not own an SSL certificate and it was also marked as a spam website during its lifetime. Coupon Codes did not present coupon codes to its clients, but it offered the consumers with ways to earn cash by joining the store’s affiliate program:

image4 2

Meds Order’s affiliate program offered consumers 10 to 20% commissions to encourage visitors to sign up for free. However, the information on being an affiliate of did not provide the complete fine print for the consumers.

Conclusion was a store overtly scam in nature. Its bad reviews prove that it ripped its clients off—one even published vulgarities for the store in his anger. deserves a zero rating, but since the lowest I could give is 1 out of 5, that is the rating I am giving the store. It’s a great thing that is now closed.