Review – Can be Considered for Buying Drugs is an online platform that supplies medicines manufactured by Indian companies. The pharmacy seems to be based in the United Kingdom as it has been mentioned that the drugs are shipped from the UK and other European countries. I came to know that this website has been distributing drugs to its customers since 2011. The majority of the products available at Online Medikamente are related to men’s health, general health, weight loss and women’s health. Additionally, products related to skin care, ED and premature ejaculation are also present on this website. As I checked their range of ED products, I came to know that Online Medikamente only deals in generic drugs. I checked the prices of generic Viagra and came to know that the lowest price at which it can be obtained is 1.24 US Dollars. Hence, I cannot actually regard it as a cheap store.

Payments are accepted by the company via Visa Credit Card and its derivatives, the Western Union or direct bank transfer. Products can be shipped to almost all parts of the world except for the United States because of the limitations of USFDA. Shipping takes place via Registered Air Mail and by courier service. Courier service takes 70 US Dollars and gets the job done in 4 to 5 days. For Registered Airmail, customers have to provide 39 US Dollars and wait for 8 to 12 days. In case the products do not reach their required destination, Online-Medikamente offers a re-shipping or a refund. This offer is also applicable to the customers who are not completely satisfied with their products. There were no contact numbers mentioned on the official website of this store. However, I was able to find a live chat option which was fortunately online and responsive.

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The reviews regarding were found on an independent pharmacy reviewing website.

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As i checked the two reviews that I was able to find, it became clear that Online Medikamente was a good website that offered satisfactory services to its customers. Both of the customers were happy with the services and the products they received and had given full stars to it.

Because these reviews were found on an independent website, I had no doubts about the authenticity of them and was sure that they were made by real customers. Reviews 2017

Online-Medikamente still had to be rechecked for the reviews made in the year 2017. Although it had been performing well in the previous years, reviews for the year 2017 will ensure that the manufacturers have maintained their efficiency in the year 2017 too. To my disappointment, I was unable to find any kind of reviews for the year 2016, which reflects that the website might have been down in this time period.

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LegitScript gave a rogue status to the website and recommended people to stay away from it by every means possible. The rogue status means that the staff working behind the website consists of cunning people who will try any means to scam the customers.  The reason why this pharmacy was unable to make any kind of user reviews could be this ‘rogue’ status, which compelled people to choose another pharmacy for their medications.

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Scamner also gave a straight 0% trust score to the website and gave it a red signal in terms of trust and loyalty. A red banner on the main page alarms the people to stay away from the site as browsing or doing any kind of financial transactions will bring harm to the people. All in all the company cannot be trusted by any means and it would be best for people if they find an alternative to this pharmacy. Coupon Codes

A banner which read ‘Hot Summer Sale’ could be found in the discount and coupon section of this online pharmacy. Although the banner was a bit appealing, but it had no valuable information. It just read 50% hot summer sale, check it out; and nothing else.

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There were no links to the description of this discount, nor there were any other kind of promises which could increase the likelihood of the chances that more people would prefer this store to buy their medications. In short, Online-medikamente failed my expectation in this section too.

Conclusion has confused me regarding its authenticity as different sources speak differently of this website. I was able to find some positive customer reviews regarding the working of this drug store. Moreover, these reviews were present on an independent reviewing website so I had no doubts about the authenticity of them. LegitScript has called it a rogue internet pharmacy while Scamner has not approved it as a safe platform for browsing or buying drugs. Considering all these facts, I can say that Online Medikamente can be a good source of buying drugs but customers must use it at their own risk. I would give Online Medikamente 3 out of 5 and would say that it is a good alternative option for buying ED drugs, but not a preferable one.