Pharmacy Mall Review – Online Drugstore Network Renowned for its Long Staying Power

Pharmacy Mall is an online drugstore network renowned for its long staying power. It has been around during the 90s and has persevered until today and has since catered to the needs of more than a million customers. Pharmacy Mall, however, is not a single website—it is what we call a pharmacy network, which means that it is one company with several identical looking websites with different domain names. This means that the Pharmacy Mall network can include,,, and so on, which are websites with the same façade and content. If you’ll inspect Pharmacy Mall network websites closely, you’ll discover that they have exactly the same contents—even the prices and other minute details and will only differ in their domain names.

One Pharmacy Mall Website Storefront
One Pharmacy Mall Website Storefront

Seeing multiple similar-looking websites with different domain names may not be ideal for some consumers, but that’s how most online drugstore networks work. Networks like Pharmacy Mall are legitimate and operate with the necessary approvals from pertinent organizations. In this network’s case, it bears the seals of approval of MIPA, Pharmacy Checker, and CIPA Rx, which means that the Pharmacy Mall network is reliable and safe to use.

Despite being generally safe to use, network pharmacies can be risky to use sometimes, not because they are unreliable, but because they are commonly replicated by scammers. Some scammers tend to use online drugstore networks to lure customers into thinking that they are legit since they bear a network’s name, but in the end will end up scamming the buyers or stealing their financial information. This is tough for buyers, so they must learn to distinguish the fake network stores from the real websites involved in a particular drugstore network.

Pharmacy Mall Reviews

Customer testimonials for Pharmacy Mall are available on the web and they were surprisingly well-meaning for the network. We were half expecting complaints about the drugstore network because honestly, the websites weren’t that impressive, but we were wrong. Apparently, buyers loved transacting with Pharmacy Mall sites because of the following:

  • Affordable prices – This is probably the main reason why buyers kept flocking Pharmacy Mall stores—the network is renowned for offering some of the best prices for medications on the internet. Customers raved about getting the best prices for their treatments using Pharmacy Mall stores and even encouraged other individuals to try out the shops because of the huge savings.
  • Fast delivery – A bulk of the customers also commended Pharmacy Mall shops due to their fast delivery. Customers were happy that their orders arrived and in some cases, even earlier than anticipated.
  • Free products – Pharmacy Mall shops are only some of the stores on the web offering freebies (starting from 2 pills of any impotence drug of their choice) to their buyers regardless of their purchase amount.
  • Encouraging support team – Customers also wrote about Pharmacy Mall’s support team being helpful and “courteous”. According to some of the buyers, Pharmacy Mall support staff is one of the best ones on the web due to their respect and value for their customers.
  • Easy to navigate website – Although Pharmacy Mall shops are pretty basic, customers enjoyed using Pharmacy Mall sites because they are easy to navigate. Buyers praised Pharmacy Mall stores for the hassle-free order process, which can be imputed to the stores being easy to use.

Pharmacy Mall Online

Pharmacy Mall shops look the same—if you examine details about several Pharmacy Mall stores, you will learn that they are using one template, hence the similar details about them.

Here’s what we’ve learned about Pharmacy Mall websites:

According to the Pharmacy Mall shops we’ve used before, the company started in 1997. Although the shops did not reveal exactly where their company is based, we can deduce that Pharmacy Mall is from Canada, given its Canadian certifications. Despite operating from Canada, Pharmacy Mall shops are able to cater to consumers from all parts of the globe.

Buyers can enjoy a plethora of medicines from Pharmacy Mall shops, including medicines for pain relief, erectile dysfunction, hair loss, allergies, diabetes, and others. Since Pharmacy Mall does not sell addictive medicines—like narcotic meds and similar drugs—customers can freely purchase their medicines from the shops even without sending their prescriptions. However, customers should still consult their doctors regarding their medicines and should not purchase something that they are not prescribed.

Shipping is free at Pharmacy Mall stores if the buyers are able to reach an order amount of $200. For buyers with minimum orders, they are charged a meager $10 for the shipping, regardless of their country.

Buyers can pay for their orders at Pharmacy Mall stores using credit cards from VISA or MasterCard. Pharmacy Mall sites forward the orders to an SSL secure server, which means that buyers are protected while using Pharmacy Mall shops.

Pharmacy Mall Coupon Codes

Customer reviews for Pharmacy Mall on the web are mostly positive because the shops included in the network are offering such buyer-enticing deals like the following:

Pharmacy Mall Promotions
Pharmacy Mall Promotions

Customers are offered free shipping, free pills, and added discounts for bulk orders so they end up saving more using Pharmacy Mall shops. Apart from these, customers are also entitled to coupon codes that are released during special events like holidays and store anniversary.

Pharmacy Mall Phone Numbers

For inquiries regarding orders, products, or anything about Pharmacy Mall, customers can call the following numbers for real-time phone assistance:

  • 1 718 487 9792
  • 4420 3239 7092

Buyers who are not interested in calling Pharmacy Mall staff can use the stores’ integrated messaging function.

Pharmacy Mall Spam and Phone Calls

We thought that maybe Pharmacy Mall stores have been involved in some negative reports on the web, but we were mistaken—the network did not have any negative comment about its service. There were no spam or unsolicited phone call reports for Pharmacy Mall shops.


The Pharmacy Mall network is one of the most archaic online drugstore networks around. It has served over a million customers since its start and is still serving buyers until today, offering them the lowest prices for their needed meds. Overall, we believe that Pharmacy Mall is a benign network deserving of a 5 out of 5 score.