Rxied.com Review – Online Pharmacy with Clones was Impounded by US ICE

Rxied.com was an online pharmacy store that once professed the availability of the best quality medicines at rock-bottom prices. The website was based in the US and launched its operations 5 years ago. I discovered it is no longer in service because of possible copyright infringements. The information presented below was obtained from an identical website.

Rxied.com used to have an FAQ menu. I went on the menu to isolate the necessity or otherwise of presenting valid prescriptions before orders are processed. The pharmacy explained that some medications in the store might require prescriptions. Buyers from countries or territories where certain medications couldn’t be bought without prescriptions were required to upload or fax a copy.

A quick glance at the “Product List” revealed a catalog of ED medications exclusively. Back on the FAQ menu, the very first question addressed the kind of products available on the store. It was made clear that all the medications in stock are generic. That didn’t stop them from including Brand name drugs in the online showroom.

I noticed Brand Viagra, Brand Cialis, and Brand Levitra on the list. 32 pills of 100mg Viagra cost $225.93, 60 pills of 20mg Cialis $230.51, and 60 pills of 20mg Levitra cost $599.58. E-Checks, Wire Transfers, Credit Cards by MasterCard, AmEx, and Visa were valid for payment. $10 International unregistered mail and $30 Trackable service were the two shipping methods available.

Rxied.com Reviews

Since Rxied.com is no longer available, I don’t have any reviews or testimonials to discuss. The presence of reviews or testimonials online is always a welcome sight. Both reviews are written earlier and the most current reviews contain information that is valuable to prospective consumers. Assessments from long ago could tell us about an practices around the time it launched. They could tell us how they struggled to thrive in a competitive marketplace if they didn’t offer services currently available, if they had to go away for a while, or if customers raised issues that have now been resolved. The latest reviews usually focus on current issues. I couldn’t get any.

Rxied.com Reviews 2017

There are no unaffiliated reviews or genuine testimonials from previous client published in 2017. My search for such reviews is what revealed what appears to be two clone online pharmacy websites. Rxied.net and Rxied.info apparently are clone websites or affiliates for Rxied.com. Typing Rxied.com in the address bar revealed that the US government through Homeland Security Investigations, National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement seized the domain name.

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Scamadviser.com confirmed that the domain was 5 years old and the website was hosted on a US server although the country of origin was hidden. It also noted the seizure of the domain name and gave Rxied.com a Low Trust rating.

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Legitscript.com agreed with pretty much everything in Scamadviser’s report. The website may have been registered in the Netherlands. This scam fighter labeled Rxied.com a Rogue Internet Pharmacy.

Rxied.com Coupon Codes

Again, since the website is out of service, I wasn’t able to find coupons that may have been used in perpetuating the store’s services while it was active. The clone websites both feature a discount table that offers discounts incrementally until the 5th order – discounts of 5% on the second order, 6% of the third order, 7% of the fourth order, and 8% on the fifth order. There are offers of free pills, especially erectile dysfunction pills with every order on other online pharmacy stores. Additionally, free shipping for orders that go beyond a certain price is very common. Discount codes are also increasingly popular.


Rxied.com is a website that had a similar design to Rxied.net and Rxied.info. The pharmacy is no longer online because the US government through Homeland Security Investigations, National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement has impounded the domain name. When you attempt to go directly to the web address on your favorite browser, you’ll see the seals of these bodies with a message saying that Rxied willfully trafficked in fake goods – a federal crime under US law. There were neither affiliated nor unaffiliated testimonials online when I searched for them. The prescription policy on Rxied.com was dependent upon the prevailing laws in customers’ regions or countries. Brand Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra were featured in the showroom. No discounts existed on the website, but they did on its clones. I am scoring Rxied.com 1 out of 5 stars.