Review – Closed Online Store with its Domain Now Owned by

Another web pharmacy added to my list of closed websites is Select Meds (, which was one internet site with mostly generic products. It was a good thing to have the web archives available because I was unable to find anything for from third-party review platforms. Even though Select Meds is already offline, the Internet Archive Wayback Machine was able to save screenshots of which helped me determine a few more details for the store.

The records of were available on the web archive since 2011, but the information for the store stopped in 2015, which was the approximate date of the shop’s closure. I tried searching for reasons why closed down, but there were no available discussions, even from pharmacy bloggers—I guess the store was not popular enough to spark author interest for the shop’s updates. Although the store had some records in the internet archives, Select Meds’ FAQ and other sections were inaccessible, so I was unable to identify more information for the shop using the data available on the web archive.

The products offered on included meds primarily for men’s health (premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction), acne, weight loss, women’s health, meds for bacterial infections, and several others. There were brand and generic products listed on the store, although the bulk of the products accessible in the store encompassed generic meds. According to Select Meds, all of its items were marked with the lowest prices possible for maximum savings.

Popular products found on Select Meds were Sildenafil Citrate, Tadalafil, Vardenafil, Generic Doxycycline, Generic Zithromax, Generic Amoxil, Generic Propecia, Womenra, and Xenical. The price range of the prices for these products advertised on the store was from $0.31 to $1.11, although the range was for the bulk orders for the medications.

Like in any online store I’ve been to, I also identified the prices for at least two impotence treatments, Vardenafil HCl (Levitra) and Tadalafil (Cialis), to compare it with the prices for the same products on other online pharmacies I’ve been to. According to Selectmeds’ price list, 30 pills of the 20 mg Cialis cost $61.20 ($2.04 per pill), while 30 pills of the 20 mg Levitra product cost $50.40 ($1.68 per pill). Though these prices were actually lower than the other online store prices for the same products, the 30-pill minimum of the products on Select Meds made the minimum purchase prices higher than the usual charges at other online pharmacies. As for payments, only accepted VISA and VISA Electron payments.

Due to the present inaccessible status of, I was unable to identify the shipping rates on Select Meds and its policies concerning refunds and reshipments in the case of delivery problems. Reviews

Even if Select Meds was able to function for several years on the web, there were no consumer reviews available for on the internet.

Online stores without consumer mentions anywhere may be sites too unpopular that they fail to gain consumer accolades via third-party review sites. Forum sites were also empty of the mentions for Select Meds.

Although there were no internet reports of fraud and other concerns for Select Meds, the shop’s failure to have good reviews for its service still makes it a doubtful website. Good and reliable stores are usually the ones incurring mentions online, so not having any makes it a dubious place for buyers to purchase their meds from. Reviews 2016

Select Meds closed earlier than 2016, hence the lack of mentions for the store during the year. Fortunately, the shop had its domain records included in Scam Adviser’s database, so we are able to identify bits of information for the store using Scam Adviser’s report:

image2 2

The overall rating for was 10 out of 100, thus the store marked as a “high-risk” website with a low trust rating. The age determined for the store was 17 years; however, the owner identified for Select Meds was actually, which indicates that the domain is currently owned or purchased by the company in the United States. Coupon Codes

Concerning deals, the store did not have coupon codes for its consumers, although the shop granted its returning clients a 15% discount on their second and further orders.

image1 2

The store also had free shipping for all of its orders (although I failed to verify this due to the offline status of the store). Select Meds only charges consumers when they choose the faster EMS shipping ($20) for their orders.

Free pills were also given to the store’s clients depending on their purchase quantities. Although did not offer voucher discounts for the consumers, its deals were actually reasonable enough and could have helped the consumers save more in cost.

Conclusion is a former online pharmacy which offered mostly generic treatments for several medical conditions. Like most online drugstores, is now closed for some reason, and during Scam Adviser’s latest check, the domain is now owned by

Because is now out of business, I can only give the shop 1 out of 5. I advise that you purchase your meds somewhere else—even if the store were online today, I’d still recommend you to use other sources still.