United-pharmacy.com Review – US-Based Online Pharmacy Currently Unavailable

United-pharmacy.com was a pharmacy store that did business on the Internet starting in 2003. The website was based in the United States and provided a means through which prescription medications could be obtained, sans appointments and waiting rooms, in a private and confidential manner.

I couldn’t get any clear-cut answer to the question of whether United-pharmacy.com had adopted a policy mandating its customers to upload or fill in an authentic doctor’s prescription to purchase medicines. It’s common to find the answer in the FAQ sections of most online pharmacies. The available screenshots didn’t reveal an FAQ menu.

I could discern, though, that United Pharmacy had been concerned with a quite impressive portfolio of prescription medications. From antidepressants, anxiety drugs, cardiovascular treatment, estrogen blockers, and blood pressure drugs to pain treatment, psychosis medicines, weight loss therapies, and sex pills, there was no doubt about the pharmacy’s intent.

Since the website of United Pharmacy is unavailable, I didn’t get a chance to explore the sex pills. It may have been a mix of erectile dysfunction medicines and HSDD medications. It may have also been only ED medicines as is the case in most operational online pharmacies. Additionally, I couldn’t ascertain the payment options that were valid nor could I learn about shipping options and refunds.

United-pharmacy.com Reviews

For the same reason given above, I was unable to get any trustworthy customer opinions of United-pharmacy.com from the vendor itself. Granted, the opinions spotlighted on a vendor’s website are prone to hyperbole and rarely, if ever portray a vendor’s shortcomings. The possibility that they are at least honest makes it great to find them at all. They could give clues regarding how smooth it could be ordering medicines on the store. Those reviews that were written closer to when the business launched could tell us about problems that may have existed at that time. Also, it makes comparisons between that set of reviews and those on separate websites possible. Reviews could also tell us if a pharmacy is a scam pharmacy. Apart from the information contained in reviews, there are other warning signs that may indicate that a pharmacy is fake. Many have found spam emails offering either popular or hard-to-get drugs at very low prices in their mailbox. Another sign is if a pharmacy offer prescription-only drugs without a prescription. Lastly, pharmacies without contact info should be shunned.

United-pharmacy.com Reviews 2017

I had to perform a check on Scamadviser.com and Scamner.com to get a more concrete impression of the pharmacy as 2017 client reviews are not existing.

I’ve found that the latest review performed by scam analyzing sites on United Pharmacy contrasts with reviews from an earlier time. For instance, an older reviews for United-pharmacy.com affect the fluidity of the shopping experience. Newer reviews might disclose that the problem no longer exists.

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Scamadviser disclosed that the domain name, which had previously expired, was registered again about a year ago. Trying to reach the web address currently using it was forbidden on my server. The current website occupying that domain is based in the UK and originated from the US.

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Scamner.com agreed that the domain name has been registered for one year. It found no personal or company details for the domain but mentioned that Google hasn’t published a negative review of the website.

United-pharmacy.com Coupon Codes

The scanty online records for this pharmacy also meant that it was impossible for me to locate any cuts of a given percentage of the advertised price or any bonuses. In service of a worthwhile shopping experience, many Internet pharmacy stores have made a practice of including these incentives. It’s not uncommon to find 10% discounts, for example, on all initial purchases. Some go beyond that and provide returning customers with discounts on all purchases thereafter. Furthermore, there may be discount coupon codes, free tablets, and free shipping for buying above an amount of pills.


United-pharmacy.com is a domain that once belonged to an Internet pharmacy store. It is currently registered for another website which I tried but failed to reach. The screenshots I managed to capture of United Pharmacy website were hardly informative enough. I was able to learn that the original website went live in 2003. I was able to capture what looked like a quite impressive portfolio of prescription medications. There were antidepressants, blood pressure medications, cardiovascular medications, and sex pills among others. The sex pills category may have been a mix of ED medicines and HSDD medicines or may have focused on just one of them. Since only screenshots are available I didn’t learn about payment options or shipping methods. Neither did I find any reviews online. Scam online pharmacies usually rig the reviews to present as favorable an image as possible. Scamadviser and Scamner were of little help as well. I give United-pharmacy.com a 1-star rating.