Review – Online Drug Store With No Data Left Online! was an online pharmacy that is no longer operating. Reviewing this site is a real challenge due to the limited information available in the web archive. Furthermore, a Google search of this online pharmacy yields no result as well.

Most of the captured data on web archive dates back from 2005 to 2007. This could mean that this online pharmacy started operation in 2005 and closed down on 2007. This data cannot be verified due to limited information though. The location of during its operation is also unknown.

During its run, had a lot to offer to their customers. They offered medicines for men’s health, women’s health, weight loss drugs, pain relief medicines, muscle relaxant drugs, depression medication, genital wart medicines, sleep aiding medicines, migraine medicines, skin care drugs, heartburn drugs, and anti-fungal drugs. For men and women’s medicine, their best sellers were Cialis, Viagra, and Levitra.

The ED drugs sold by were branded medicines. It was not clear though if these were FDA approved due to limited information. A pack of Viagra costs $99 (5 tablets, 100mg) but buying a pack of 10 tablets is cheaper ($139). For a pack of 20 tablets, the price is $249 and $349 for 30 tablets. 60 tablets of Viagra costs $659. A pack of Levitra costs $99 (5 tablets, 5mg) and $119 for a pack of 5 tablets at 10mg and 20mg. A 10-tablet pack of 5mg Levitra costs$149 and $157 for 10mg and 20mg respectively. For Cialis, a pack of 5 tablets at 10mg costs $99 and $109 for 20mg. A 10-tablet pack costs $139 for 10mg and $149 for 20mg.

Payment methods, shipping methods, and refund policies were no longer available for this site. Web archived information for was limited to the drugs they offer during its operation and their respective prices. Reviews

Since is no longer active and operating, I am unable to find reviews for this site as well. It could be possible that they had reviews before but web archive was just not able to capture it. Unfortunately, third party review sites don’t have any review for as well.

As an online buyer who always trusts another online buyer, I believe that customer feedback is important for a website hence I always rely on it. With no reviews to give me more statistics about this online drugstore, I proceeded to check if has a record of Reviews 2016

Although was no longer active, was still able to evaluate the website and here’s what I found!

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Since it is no longer active, cannot tell where the site was based during its operation. It shows though that this online pharmacy could have been in China or was using a Chinese server. also listed as a “threat website”. is a website that helps online users to determine if a certain website is fake or scammer. This website also provides warning to online users to avoid being a victim of fraud. Coupon Codes

With most shopping websites luring customers with promotions and discounts, it is not surprising that online pharmacies are doing the same thing. It is almost impossible to a find an online store that doesn’t offer any promotion.

In the case of, I am unable to find any promotion that they had used because of the limited data I have of them. The last data captured of web archive for this site was in 2007 hence I conclude that 2007 could be the last year they were active. Perhaps they had some promotions before but I can no longer retrieve it. If there were any promotions, I won’t be able to validate it anyway if it were working or not because there were no customer reviews for this online pharmacy.

Conclusion was an online pharmacy that offers a lot of medicines. What I like about this online drugstore was the information they had on their site about the drugs they are offering. If a customer wants to refill his Viagra prescription, he can find a lot of information about Viagra on the site alone. Information about the brand of the Viagra they are selling, the right dosage, side effects, and precautions were all provided for customers to read and be guided accordingly. The website also offers warnings and advice on how to store the drug properly. Last but not the least, they have an important note that Viagra is not a medicine for ED but rather a supplement that can be used to fight ED. They also advise buyers to consult a doctor first before taking ED drug.

Apparently, information on the drugs they sell, the price, and the dosages were all I got for  Web archived information was so limited that I cannot even find the date the site closed, their location or their FAQ page. The contact information of is also not available as well as their customer reviews (if they had any). As far as their payment, shipping method, and refund policies are concerned, no data are available at the moment.

A thorough Google search about yields no result as well, perhaps, because this online drugstore had been closed for such a long time. No promotions run can be found as well.

A quick evaluation from revealed that this online drug store was listed as a “threat website”.

Based on the existing data I have about and the evaluation result of, I am rating this site with 1 out of 5 stars.